This is a fantastic therapy to:


  • balance your chakras
  • aid any ailment(s) or
  • as a luxury treat for yourself.  


either way you will be left feeling renewed.


What you can expect:


  • you will be laying down listening to some soft music
  • having some specific crystals placed on your chakras to align them
  • crystals are  also placed on any aliment(s). 
  • The crystals are placed on top of your clothing but please do not wear anything too thick.
  • I will then work on your Aura .


The treatment itself takes about half an hour but please allow for an hour. 


The cost of the treatment is £30 per session - book 4 sessions for £110.


Please call  07833 460 361 to find out more or for any questions you have.


Should you have a pacemaker or any other such device then unfortunately I am unable to perform my therapies on you, as the Crystals can interfere with electronic devices.

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