Room Hire


hire our spacious ft x ft meeting room

room hire is as follows

£15 per hour

8 hous of hire £10 per hour

price includes electricity and heating costs

we have  toilet facilities on site, also a samll kitchen available for your use with access to an Urn, china and glasses etc

There is TV which you can connect to a laptop for presentation

Plus we will advertis your buiness and services on our website, facebook and eventbrite acccounts at no additional cost.

Room Hire - Terms and Conditions


Please, read carefully the following terms and conditions that will apply to the use of any meeting rooms which we agree to provide to you.

1. Hire Charges

The hire charges are:

£15 per hour

8 hous of hire -  £10 per hour

All costs are paid up front for each booking that is made a month in advance


2. Use of rooms

The hirer shall not permit more than the maximum number of people specified to be in any meeting room at any time. The hirer must declare at the outset the purpose of the application and the room/s used for that purpose only.

3. Noise

The hirer, their staff, agents or visitors must not make or permit to be made any noise which may interfere with the use of other rooms within the building by other hirers, members of Purple Pyramid or adjoining neighbours.

4. Cleanliness and Breakages

The hirer must leave the premises in a clean and tidy condition.

The hirer must disinfect all equipment used – this will be provided by Purple Pyramid

The hirer must indemnify the owners against any loss, thefts or damage however caused, during or in respect of the period of hire.

5. Catering

Food may be consumed on the premises but all Rubbish must be taken away when the hirer leaves.

6. Third Parties

Applications or bookings on behalf of a third party must be declared at the time of the application or booking.

Third parties making applications or bookings are responsible for the payment to us of all hire charges, fees and indemnifications mentioned in these terms and conditions.

7. Applications / Requests for Hire

Purple Pyramid reserves the right to refuse applications or requests for hire.

8. Use of Premises

The hirer, staff, servants, agents and visitors must only use those meeting rooms which are specified in the hire arrangement.

The hirer, staff, servants, agents and visitors must vacate the building by the time specified.

The hirer shall indemnify Purple Pyramid from and against any loss caused by the hirer, staff, servants, agents and visitors failing to vacate the building by the time specified.

Purple Pyramid reserves the right to charge the hirer for the use of the premises should the hirer, staff, servants, agents or visitors fail to vacate the building by the time specified.

9. Indemnification

The hirer shall indemnify Purple Pyramid from and against:

all claims demands, actions or proceedings in respect of the death or injury howsoever and whomsoever caused of or to any persons which shall occur or arise from any accident or occurrence which shall happen while such person is on or upon any part of the premises during the period of hire or in respect of any loss or damage suffered or sustained by any person in consequence of any such death or injury, all claims, demands, actions, or proceedings and any loss, damage or injury which may be brought against or suffered by the owners arising from or in consequence of the non-observance or non-performance of any of these Conditions of Hire or any act, neglect, default or omission of the hirer, his/her agents, servants or visitors, any claim under copyright law.

10. Cancellation of Booking

a. Purple Pyramid reserves the right to cancel any booking. A minimum of 14 days notice will be given in the event of cancellation by Purple Pyramid.

b. Cancellation by the hirer within 14 days prior to the booking is liable to a 100% cancellation fee

c. Cancellation in writing by the hirer in excess of 14 days prior to the booking is not subject to any cancellation fee or charge.

d. On the day of hire the owners reserve the right to terminate the letting forthwith if, in their opinion the hirer, their staff, agents or visitors are in breach of any of the terms and conditions of hire. In that event the hirer, their servants, staff, agents or visitors are required to leave the premises immediately, taking with them their possessions and equipment. In the event of hire being terminated in such a manner, the owners will not be responsible for any claims, losses, actions or damages incurred by or on behalf of the hirer, their servants, staff, agents or visitors in respect of this termination. Nor will any hire charge be waived.

e. Any cancellations by the hirer must be made in writing - this can be via email or post.
email :
post : Purple Pyramid, 8 Hacton Parade, Central Drive, Hornchurch, RM12 6EL

11. Filming and Photography

No filming or photography in the building without prior written permission from Purple Pyramid.

12. Payment

When agreed in advance with Purple Pyramid, fees must be paid within 7 days of the invoice being issued. On all other occasions the fees must be paid before the hirer uses the centre.

13. Refunds

When making discretionary refunds Purple Pyramid. reserves the right to withhold monies equivalent to any fees charged by a third party in respect of the refund and original payment.  Third parties include, but are not limited to, credit card companies, banks, financial institutions and online payment systems.

14. Public and Political Meetings

The hirer, their staff, agents or visitors must not allow a public or political meeting to take place in the building without prior written permission from Purple Pyramid.
15. Music

The hirer must not make or broadcast music without the express permission of the Purple Pyramid. The hirer must in such cases organise directly with the Performing Rights Society or Mechanical Copyright Society or other bodies for any licence required for the use of copyright material.

16. Exclusion of Third Party Rights

Each party confirms that no term of this Agreement is enforceable under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 by a person who is not a party to this Agreement.

17. Other Points 

11. Purple Pyramid operates a no-smoking policy throughout its property. 
13. The Hirer shall not sub-let the hired rooms 
14. An additional discretionary fee of £50 will be charged to the hirer if the room is not left in the same state as at the commencement of hire period or is deemed, by Purple Pyramid, to be in an unfit state for the next booking

17. Purple Pyramid accepts no responsibility for any hired equipment or meeting room equipment provided by, for, or on behalf of the Hirer, left unattended prior to, during, or after the function
18. Equipment hired from Purple Pyramid 
iii) Any faults must be reported before leaving Purple Pyramid premises 
iv) The Hirer will be responsible if equipment is not returned and penalty charges will be incurred
19. Purple Pyramid cannot accept responsibility for any items lost or mislaid on the premises 
20. All items stored are at the Hirer's risk 
21. Any items not collected within 24 hours of the end of the meeting will be disposed of unless prior arrangements have been made. Items stored outside these times may incur additional charges

Insurance of property of Hirer and Hirers guests 
22. The Hirer acknowledges that any such objects, equipment, furniture, stock, or other property of any sort will remain under the control and care of the Hirer and/ or guests and the Hirer is responsible for insuring such property and accordingly the Purple Pyramid excludes liability for losses.


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