Rent A Shelf

Our short-term rental contract provides you with a share of an exciting brick-and-mortar retail environment where you are assigned your own choice of dedicated shelf.

 We provide the sales staff to manage the shop and tend to your customers.

You are not expected to spend any time in the shops – leaving you to run and grow your business.

We keep track of what you’ve sold and deal with the finances ready for you to collect.

Perhaps best of all we don’t take a commission on anything sold.

You set the retail prices and all the net profits are yours to keep.

No joining fees.

No application fees.

No listing fees.

Nothing except your rental.

IIn addition, we offer advertising of your business our webstie and facebook page at no additional cost

From glass to ceramics, jewelry to artwork, clothing to toys, souvenirs to gifts, to well almost anything made within our catchment area – we showcase and curate your products in a low-risk, professional and supportive retail environment.

So if you are looking for an opportunity to sell new products – test the market, or looking for a more permanent venue then give us a call

 Rent A Shelf - Terms and Conditions

1       Payment Costs & Charges

1.1       On submitting your completed sellers application. We will contact you to discuss space required and rental fees.

1.2       Rental spaces available shelf size is approximately 13” Wide by 13” High x 14.%” Deep

1.3       The cost for one shelve is £3 per week or 2 shelves for £5 any additional shelves required will be £3 unless you have equal number of shelves i.e 4 shelves would be £10.

1.4       Payment is taken 4 weeks in advance, each rental period is for 4 weeks and you must pay in advance every 4 weeks

1.5       You can pay for more than 4 weeks at any one time but no less than 4

1.6       This is to give your stock chance to sell as many of our Customers browse and then return to buy

1.7       Failure to pay your rent will result in your items being removed and we will withhold stock to the value of the rent you owe.

1.8       If after 3 months you have not paid your outstanding balance your stock will then be sold in the shop by us to generate the money you owe for the rent not paid.

1.9         Your contract will be terminated and if you wish to sell with us again you will have to reapply for a space

1.10       There is 0% Commission charges on sales


2       Termination of Contract

2.1       If at any time you wish to stop selling with us, you must provide 3 Weeks notice.

2.2       This means you must inform us at the 1st week invoicing stage of your 4 week contract.

2.3       If you wish to increase or down size your space then this must also be notified at the 3 stage of your 4 week contract and the adjustment will be made in time for your next rental period to start.

2.4       It is the seller’s responsibility to retrieve their stock once their selling contract has finished.

2.5       As 3 weeks notice is given of any termination of contract you be expected to organise collection of your stock on the last day your contract finishes.

2.6       If this is not adhered to your stock will be removed and you will be charged £5 per day until you collect your stock as we do not have space to store stock.

2.7       If you are a distance seller and wish for your stock to be posted back to you. You must pay for and arrange for a courier to collect your stock from the shop during opening hours.

2.8         We accept no responsibility for the stock once it has left the shop.


3       Payment for any Sales

3.1       You will be paid any money owed to you from sales and orders at the end of each week by cash.

3.2       You will receive an email with details of what stock you have sold so you can replenish and update your stock if you are keeping your space,

3.3       You are not employed by Purple Pyramid so you are responsible for declaring any tax and national insurance on any earnings.


4       Loss and Damage

4.1       Purple Pyramid are not responsible for any loss of stock due to theft or damage.

4.2       We will however do our best to protect your items.

4.3       You can purchase your own insurance to cover your items if you so wish.

4.4         This does not effect our shops Business insurance for Fire/Flood damage etc.


5       Refunds & Exchanges

5.1         We will give your contact details to the buyer for them to contact you directly to arrange a replacement or exchange.


6       Stock Management

6.1       It is the sellers responsibility to have their products available to sell on the first day of your 4week contract.

6.2         You can choose what products you display and sell on your shelf as long as you have agreed the product range with us at the time of signing your contract.

6.3       All stock must be initially checked in against your stock sheet list, checking your pricing, tickets and items codes are correct and all products labelled correctly.


7       As a Seller

7.1       In order to keep track of the items that are sold in the shop you will need to provide us with a spreadsheet detailing the stock,  their costs and a spare column (so that we tick of any times sold)and keep a copy for yourself

7.2       This must be printed off by you and not emailed.

7.3       We will also require your business cards to displayed with the stock.

7.4       You are not required to physically be at the shop to sell your products, we will do that for you.

7.5       You can replenish your stock with us at any point during our opening hours.

7.6       You must update your stock list and make sure any additional stock is labelled and coded correctly.

7.7       You must then leave a copy of the updated stock list with us.

7.8       As we email you a list of stock sold at the end of the week/month (depending on sales) you must keep your stock list up to date so you can replenish as required and not miss out on any potential sales.

7.9       You are not permitted to just turn up at the shop and remove stock without prior arrangement.

7.10       Failure to do this could result in your contract being terminated and any remaining rental fee withheld.


8       Renters Benefits

8.1       A place to have your Business cards, shelving space to display your products.

8.2       Free advertising of your Business on our Facebook page, Twitter, in store and our website.

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