Bracelet - Jubilee Celebrations

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Jubilee Bracelet

Our Jubilee Bracelet is about celebrating life and being the best version of yourself.

All three stones in this bracelet are spiritual stones that will help with your psychic and mediumship abilities and your spiritual development. 

Together the stones will help you to move forward in life, learn from the past and embracing new adventures

Red Agate – is a protection stone so it will help to ground your energies enabling you to cope with stressful or emotional situations, as well encouraging a selfless attitude that allows you to do things because you want to and not because you want something in return.

Howlite – teaches patience and to manage anger as it helps to calm your mind and communicate clearly. Stimulates the desire for knowledge and strengths your memory.

Sodalite – enhances self-esteem, self-acceptance and teaches you trust as well as balances your emotions and aids people who are oversensitive and defensive.

Please note the stones colours may be darker or lighter than depicted in the images