Reiki Deprogamming

Reiki Deprogramming is a technique used for people who have addictive natures,  possess or have got into bad habits i.e. smoking, nail biting, insomnia, eating etc. 


The treatment works best if you are willing to want to "kick" your bad habit however, a certain amount of responsiblity lies with you as to whether this works or not.  For instances if your "will" to keep the bad habit is strong than your "will" to let it go then there is a higher probability that this will not work for you.


For the Deprogramming to work you would need to attend weekly for a minimum of 6 weeks and it could take longer but that all depends on you.  Whether you do more than 6 weeks is optional, obviously if you feel it is helping then it would advised to keep up the treatments until you no longer need them.


The Reiki is assisting you to give up what you no longer desire.


The treatment itself takes about half an hour but please allow for an hour.


The cost of the treatment is £20. To book please call 07833 460 631.

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