Crystal  Healing Therapies



My therapies are relaxing - with you laying down listening to some soft music and having some specific crystals placed on your chakras and on your aliment(s).  The crystals are placed on top of your clothing but please do not wear anything too thick.



Then I will work on your Aura to help heal the ailment(s) that you have.  This is a lovely relaxing therapy which will make you feel renewed you can have the Crystal Healing for specific aliments or as a luxury treat for yourself.  


The treatment itself takes about half an hour but please allow for an hour.  The cost of the treatment is £20.  


Please call me on 07833 460 361 to find out more or for any questions you have.


Should you have a pacemaker or any other such device then unfortunately I am unable to perform my therapies on you as the Crystals can interfere with your devices.




"I started treatment with Catherine in January 2015 because I had tennis elbow in both my arms, my left arm being the most painful. Catherine started me on a six week course. By the end of the six weeks my right arm was, and still is, completely clear of tennis elbow. I still have issues with my left arm but most of the time it is not on the same level as when I first started to see Catherine. I am still seeing Catherine 2-3 times a month, she gives me a mixture of crystal healing and reiki, depending on what my needs are at the time. Catherine also gives me good tips for every day life, what to do when I am anxious, under pressure or simply walking along a crowded street (which I sometimes find difficult and frustrating but Catherine’s tip has worked a treat). Catherine is always very professional and easy to relax with, she tunes into my needs. I always go into a very quick deep relaxation when Catherine is working on me and feel incredibly relaxed when she brings me round. After each session Cartherine always asks me how I feel – the only word I can ever manage to squeeze out is “lovely” because I feel so sleepy and relaxed".

Carol November 2015

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