Crystals that can help heal you

Crystals have amazing properties that can help you with a whole range of ailments from pain relief, emotional stress, hot flushes, depression, confidence, energy levels to meditation and spirit connection.


I believe in the crystals and their properties so much that I now sell the crystals in Necklaces or Brackets enabling your to be able to wear them easily and fashionably!!


It’s all very well having the crystal stones at home under your pillow or in your bag or pocket to help you but I believe the closer they are to you the more beneficial they are too.


All the research I have done and the Testimonials I have from my clients prove this.

I would always recommend you carry around with you the Crystal that is best to help you in that period of time.


All the information about the Crystals I sell are obtained from reference books and personal experience in using them, there is no guarantee that the crystals will heal you.  


All I can say is that from working with them and using them in my experience they do help and I have clients that are now free of minor aliments.


Crystal Care


All Crystals have their own properties and have been known to help with aliments such as stress, colds, aches and pains.  Depending on your aliment will depend on which crystal you will need.


When you receive your Crystal:


Please cleanse it before you use it by leaving in it out in the sun for a day or out under the moonlight.


Then hold your crystal and program it for your needs, just think what you would like the crystal used for.


You will need to cleanse your crystal at least once a month.

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