Unwanted Spirits



30th August 2014

Claire was experiencing some strange happens in her new home like windows shutting, doors opening, unease feelings, her couch seat going down as if someone had just sat in it – but no one was there!!


She asked if I could help, so I went round and cleansed the house and placed some crystals in the most affected room.


I checked in with her a week later and everything seemed to be going alright.


15th September 2014

Claire informed she had been hearing noises in a different room and then a vase fell over.


I re-cleansed the house and asked the spirits to move on. We retrieved the crystals to cleanse them to discover one in particular was very stressed (these were brand new crystals and I wish now I had taken picture of them beforehand) so I re-cleansed the crystals and placed them round the house to protect the whole house.

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