18 September 2014

Doug had aching legs and was feeling tired, he travels to work by back each day a round trip of 28 miles a day and as been doing this for years but over the last few months has been struggling with his energy levels.

I placed several Crystals on Doug to help rebalance his chakra as well as Green Flourite in his Aura and a Cathedral Quartz between his legs for 30 minutes and then I brushed and sealed his Aura.

He said during the processes he felt tingling sensations as I worked on him, and generally felt very heavy through out the process.  After I removed the crystals i asked him how he felt and he said very relaxed and he looked tired!! He also said his head felt heavy.

After about 10 minutes I asked him again how he felt and he said "his legs did not feel tired any more", which they did before we started the process.

19th September 2014

The next day Doug woke up with very heavy and tired legs.

However, Doug still rode to work on his bike and after a couple of miles of riding the achiness evaporated and he his energy levels went up. 

This was more apparent at the end of the day on his way home from work he found he had very good energy levels.

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