In August 2014 my Husband, Doug, had a Cough for about 2 weeks every time he ate or drank he coughed. It was sending him and me nuts. I had just started to investigate the power of crystal healing and asked him if I could practice on him. To my surprise he said yes!!!

Therefore I got him to lay on the floor with some soothing music and I placed several crystals on his body. He laid there for half an hour whilst I worked with crystals over him.

When I asked him to get up I asked him how he felt, he said very relaxed and thought the treatment was very nice. I then gave him a crystal to carry with him for the next two weeks.

Later that same evening when we were sitting down for the evening he started to drink a beer when he turned to me and said “I am not coughing” to his surprise.

He did not cough for the next 3 days, he did cough however when he went out for the day and forgot his crystal!! He soon put that back in his pocket.

Just over a week later he returned the crystal to me and said thank you. 

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