23rd September 2014

Ken has arthritis in both his shoulders and left leg as well suffering from a muscle tension in his left leg (which I was not treating him for specifically on this occasion). Ken is also a sceptic of alternative medicines.

I rebalanced his chakras as well as using Rainbow Fluorite for the arthritis and a Cathedral Quartz.

My observation - before the treatment Ken looked a bit tired and stressed however after the treatment he was more jubilant.

However, when I asked him how he felt throughout the process and after he said he did not feel anything during the treatment and he felt no different afterwards.  And was quite adamant that it would make no difference to his conditions.


25th September 2014

I got a call from Ken to say that the muscle pain had gone in his left leg and his arthritis in his leg and shoulders had not been playing up either. And that he would like to come back next week for more treatment!!



7th October 2014


Kirstie came for her second treatment today at 9.30am.  Before I began I asked her how her feet were and she said there were definately less sore than before and not as offen and it had been a while since she had noticed any pain in her right knee.


So I did the same treatment as before but added the Catherdal Quartz as she also suffers with headaches on a daily basis.


I spoke to Kirstie as 7.30pm today regarding her headaches and she said she had a painkiller at lunchtime and another just before spoke which is better than she usual does as she has gone almost 8 hours without tablets and she normally has one every 4 hours.


23rd September 2014


I spoke to Kirstie to see how she was and she said the pain in her feet was less.


22nd September 2014


Kirstie came to me becasue she has arthritis in both her feet, right knee and hip and she has has Intermittent pain.  She is not currently taking any form of medication nor is she doing any exercises to help the arthritis or pain.


I reblanced Kirstie's Charkras' and to help with the Arthritis I used Rainbow Fluorite and Hemarite. Plus I gave her a Rainbow Fluorite Crystal to carry with her till her next treatment.


She said she found the treatment comfortable and relaxing and she felt fine after with no adverse effect or any different.

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