Reiki Share Group

I am a Master Reiki Teacher, I have been practising since 2015.  In addition I am also a member of the Reiki Association.


This Reiki Share Group is for anyone attuned to Reiki that wish to continue to learn new techniques, practice olds one and general practice, it does not matter if you are a Newbie, a Master Practitioner or attuned but never practised.


The aim of this group is to:

  • teach you different Reiki Techniques depending on your level.
  • ensure you have an understanding of what Reiki does and how it affects your energy system.
  • Boost your confidence when working on other people.
  • Place where you can ask questions and mix with like minded people.
  • Share ideas and knowledge - i do not believe we ever stop learning.
  • Help those in need

You can relax and receive healing or you can give healing its up to you.


This event is on a Thursday 10am to 12noon. 


Please check our calendar for dates or call Kate on 07833460361 to book your place.


The cost is £5 per person paid in cash on the day.


Reiki has a wide range of benefits to find out more please click here.

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