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Meditation Classes

Meditation is a fantastic way to relive stress from your daily life, such as negative thoughts, an overactive mind and gives your body a change to repair itself.

Classes are held weekly on a Tuesday at 10am to 11am. Except for half term weeks.

Each week there is a different Meditation and informative information on mindfulness.

The types of meditations i rund in my classes are 

Relaxing; Breath; Concentration; Pain Relief; Tension Release; Visual; Music; Object; Activity
Affirmation; Mantra; Rebalance your Energy; Focus on a Problem; Chakra; Watching; Clearing
Deeper States

If you would like to learn to meditate or would just like to have place to come to where you can meditate on a regular basis, then please give me a call on 07833 460 361.


I have really enjoyed Kate's mediation classes and have found that they have benefitted me at a time when I really needed to focus on something positive and relaxing, it has helped me be both these things more often as opposed to feeling anxious and stressed

Karen 3rd November 2015

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