I thought I would share with you my journey of where I have or will be working.  This is all very exciting for my 2019 as I now start my journey to becoming a Platform Medium and I am looking forward to this with anticipation and excitment.


Hullbridge Church Service 14th April 2019


My frist Service as a Platform Medium, so very nerve wracking, however, not has bad as when I had my ISM Assessment!!!  I am sure in time I will have control over my nerves.  


I conducted the service with my friend & circle leader Lynne too, so had some pressure taken off of me.  


Mind Body & Spirit Event 13th April 2014


My first exhibition of offering Reiki & Crystal Healing, Mediumship & Tarot Readings as well as selling my handmade natural crystal jewellery of Earings, Rings, Necklaces and Braclets.



ISM Fledgling Assessment 23rd March 2019


First time on Platform and what do I do?  Put myself in front of a panel of assessers to see what they think of my Mediumship.    


Oh my days!  did I feel ill, fortunately my neves did not get the better of me and I completed my assessment.


Not sure I would have done it without the support from my friends just waiting now for the restult!!!!


Glad to say I did pass my assessment and I now have two years in which to take my RAM (Registred Approved Medium).

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